Infidelity & Economics. Esther Perel and prof. Dan Ariely

This one question is for my own personal pleasure – I saw on social media that you were with the “relationship gurus” amongst who Esther Perel, who I really like to get in touch with and have been failing to do so. Did anything come out of this meeting that will engage economics and relationships in a brand new hybrid?
I think that Esther is great and we have been talking for the last few years about dishonesty – I do work on dishonest, she has been doing work for quite a few years on infidelity, and of course, this came out is her new book. So, there are lots of interesting things – I think the relationship is a very interesting topic – there is lots to think about and learn about. Relationships are kind of a model for human behaviour, we are designed for relationship, so a lot of the biases, juristics, short-cuts, the way we deal with the world, reflect on relationships. So our relationships at work are not at different from any other relationships. So understanding romantic relationship is a really good way to understand relationships more generally.
 Stay tuned for the whole interview in English here, and in Bulgarian – on the pages of Economy Magazine Bulgaria

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