Bus-ed up

At dusk, between 18 and 20 o’clock, the public transport debunks all laws of physics with its overloaded buses, but the suffocating passengers clench teeth in the name of their final destination and the world records. These small bus societies always have something to offer – besides the excessive invasion in everyone’s personal space and the high rate of probability that thieves are operating in that very same bus; there is also the chance, of becoming a victim of rape.  Despite the sarcasm, at least five girls are being sexually abused every day in the public transport buses. The scenario develops approximately like this: elderly gentleman looks absent-mindedly over the passengers; soon after a naughty sparkle lights up his eyes and he heads towards his target. In the soft core version, the rapper has no physical contact with his victim, but with himself – he has. If the victim is lucky enough, she (rarely ‘he’) won’t even witness the magical stick of this sick fairy-tale antagonist; usually the monkey is being spanked under the cover of a newspaper, or a bag. After they finish with the personal treatment, the pervy gentlemen precede their journey like the rest of the normal passenger.  That was the soft core scenario.

Next Level

The level for advanced perverts includes physical contact. The antagonist clings to the back of an unsuspecting twelve-year-old girl and starts rubbing in her seat area. He is not only undisturbed by the shocked gazes, but on top of it, he manages to cum.  During that time, the child is petrified and doesn’t move a muscle; the rest of the passengers, after the initial shock, are mostly indifferent. The horrified victim of sexual abuse does not even share the shock with parents or friends.


Unfortunately, this undesirable situation is caused by a mental disease from the area of sexual perversions. It carries the euphonious name frotteurism and is not a subject of interest to the judiciary. One of the emergency exits from this situation is to try and attract as many attention as possible by, for example, shouting, or report to the driver and hope for the most spectacular fight you have ever seen.

In Bulgaria it isn’t a practice to inform the police in such cases.  They are difficult to assess and unfortunately do not usually end in favor of the victim, said the head of the police department in Sofia. However, if you find yourself trapped in such unpleasant circumstances, it is advisable to keep the offender on the crime scene until the arrival of police officers.

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