The breasts we can’t live without. Or can we? (teaser)

Breasts. They are so important to us! We can’t live without them. We want them on display in videos and on billboards. We want them big, round and firm. And we really don’t want to be reminded of their primary function. 1,649,271 breast augmentation operations were performed in 2016* 583 197 breast lifts. 465 665 breast reduction. Compared to the previous number in 2015, the … Continue reading The breasts we can’t live without. Or can we? (teaser)


We started seeing each other one Friday around tea time. He was, naturally, a young English stud with a slim body, unnecessary manners and deeply embedded emotional short-comings. “Exactly what I need – NIL emotionallity – I am incapable of attachment, my heart is long dead and I have priorities!!” my wise biligual head was muttering whilst my not so wise, alingual and supposedly dead … Continue reading NIL

Terror, n, Lat.

Know words. Acknowledge phenomena for what they are and choose whether to support or resist them. Знайте думите. Назовавайте явленията каквито са и изберете дали да ги подкрепите или да им се противопоставите. Comprez les mots. Nommer les phénomènes tels qu’ils sont et choisissez de les supporter ou de les combattre. TERROR, noun, (Latin) A very strong feeling of fear. 1. Something that causes very strong feelings … Continue reading Terror, n, Lat.

Mental secrets

I’ve been dealing with panic/anxiety disorder and depression for about 10 years now. No, I am not depressed throughout the whole time, and I am most definitely not sweating my ass off over the everyday bullshit in my life. In fact, I live a perfectly satisfying, independent life in one of the most exciting cities in the world, I stand behind my professional and personal choices, enjoy … Continue reading Mental secrets