(wo)Men on the move

I love travelling. Ever since I was a little freckled, big-eyed child and my family and I were visiting my grandparents. I loved staring through the window and into the windows of the houses we were passing by – my innocent voyeurism. My dad used to stop midway for a break and sweet treats. That, I would say, was the straight-forward conditioning that today makes … Continue reading (wo)Men on the move

Bus-ed up

At dusk, between 18 and 20 o’clock, the public transport debunks all laws of physics with its overloaded buses, but the suffocating passengers clench teeth in the name of their final destination and the world records. These small bus societies always have something to offer – besides the excessive invasion in everyone’s personal space and the high rate of probability that thieves are operating in … Continue reading Bus-ed up

You want them to like you, but you do not know they can love you

Iliana was born in Kavarna (a small city on the north Black Sea cost) 26 years ago. Now she lives in a small flat in Sofia. She graduated from the National Art Academy and paints for living. Alongside with these common biographical facts, Iliana has a parallel and frankly admirable paragraph in her biography. She defeated a monster that kills thousands of girls around the … Continue reading You want them to like you, but you do not know they can love you