The naked truth

Fear catchers in trench coats

They are almost charming in their silent madness of nudity and are quite common in parks and public gardens. Usually they are wrapped in trench coats and hide among the bushes. Painfully dramatic are the moments, when there is no one around to see or even notice them. But, when someone shows on the horizon, the show begins. The trench coat uncurtains; the penis is shown; the hand starts to move vigorously and he is… happy.

What is harmless about the exhibitionists is that they are not looking for a physical contact. They rely on the sense of direct threat to the victim. Fear of rape, anxiety confusion – all kinds of strong emotional reaction from that diapason can lead him to the so desired endpoint.

Manuel script

It is more than logical that the appearance of a penis on the wrong place at the wrong time would call a troubled or frustrated reaction. And that’s the catch – the pervy mister is seeking just that. Experts advise if you find yourself in such an undesirable situation to pass exhibitionist without paying attention and showing any emotion. If you ,however, decide to react you should go for something bearing the meaning of “Yes, baby, show me this divine body of yours”. The latter may not bring the showman a heart attack, but it will at least confirm the theory of psychologists that the naked rascals in parks are excited by the reaction of fear, not fascination.

The reasons

Today’s society is tolerant to many of the lighter forms of exhibitionism (depending on the society of course, the tolerance varies from boobs to just eyes, but let’s just stick to these societies, where the word boob is appropriate in public texts). Children often have a natural curiosity about their own, and those of other children, genitalia. Therefor, the invention of the quite common game of doctor is not accidental. Children often try to provoke others, showing around their “down-there”-s. This period usually passes quickly, because to be frank, observation of genitals is not an inexhaustible resource of entertainment – at some point, normally developing person would get tired of watching and move on to action. If this period, however, prolongs and the kid feels visibly unhealthy pleasure in waving it’s down-there-s in front of strangers, it is advisable to consult a specialist. There is another critical point and that is puberty. Experts say that paraphilia (sexually erotic situations in which sexual pleasure is achieved with atypical or prohibited by cultural action) develops during sexual maturation of the individual. “The scenario goes like this – at puberty, for some reason the boy was naked and was seen by a woman who expressed embarrassment, or astonishment, or has laughed, – overall has shown some emotion. For a boy who has not had sexual experience yet this would most often lead to very strong sensation, ending with orgasm. That experience is sealed and later on these people cannot have a proper sexual arousal by so-called normal sex. They would need someone to see them and to express emotion – surprise or  fright”, explains the most common memories schemata in men with this type of paraphilia Prof. Markova, a specialist in family planning and sex therapist. The pleasure of showing genitalia may be triggered by other problems such as senile dementia, schizophrenia and congenital imbecility.

Under cover

As odd as it may sound, paraphiliacs are capable of forming and maintaining families, even though they may face some problems in the family bed. Most of the exhibitionists are actually married, according to the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences at the University of Hamilton. And exhibitionists are not alone in the world of secret perversion. They are actually a very small group out of the countless crowds of people who prefer alternative ways of sexual pleasure.

This uniting feature of sexual psycho-behavioral anomalies is called paraphilia. The list of members is worryingly long and contains such sexual deviants like taphophilia – referring to those aroused by being buried alive, and even the very thought of funeral; nasophilia – sexual arousal by the sight, touch, licking or sucking the nose of partner or noses in general; sexual fetishism – sexual arousal from objects such as shoes, masks, latex, etc.; voyeurism – observation of sexual or other intimate act; autoerotism – arousal from yourself without a partner; sadomasochism – sexual pleasure from causing/experiencing pain or humiliation; pedophilia – sexual arousal from children; zoophilia – attraction to animals; necrophilia – arousal from dead bodies; frotteurism – arousal from rubbing one’s genitals towards strangers; asphyxiophilia – sexual pleasure from choking; scatophilia (coprophilia) – pleasure from sexual contact with nature with feces; agalmatophilia – sexual arousal from statues, doll, mannequins etc. Ah, the fascinating world of sexual freaks.

And keep in mind that every sexual act that brings pleasure to the participants and doesn’t harm them… against their will, is an act of divine connection between people!

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