Monkey brain

With the attention span of a tiny monkey, I am staring blankly at the computer screen, after singing two-thirds of a song. Some people in the world know that I like to sing loudly with my headphones on. Luckily, when sober, I sing correctly. Badly enough, though, I possess the ability to sing one and the same song for 73 (and two-thirds) times in a row. This could be annoying.

So here I am , with my monkey brain jumping from song to song,  app to app, changing the TV channels, checking my phone, singing bits of songs, opening and closing windows and programs, reading absently through documents and files – with zero rate of productivity.

All of a sudden, a folder originally entitled Applications pokes the monkey in  the eye (the third eye). I reach out and open it. Ah! There you go – three years of my shadowed professional persona – a job hunter. A very bad job hunter, I might add. Piles, and pillars, and pyramids of cover letters, letters of motivation and other job-related material. How is it possible for a single person to write so many motivational letters?!! – my monkey is amazed! Suddenly a red light blinds all three of the monkey’s eyes – what is wrong with my motivation so that no one likes it? Is my motivation unlikeable? Is it a bad motivation?! Are the motivations of the others better than mine?! Is my motivation a… loser?!!

Ah, but chill little monkey’s brain – times are fuzzy for the working class, and one should not be judged too harsh for having an unsuccessful motivation.

And, you and I, dear monkey, have been through a lot. We know better than freaking out. There were times when we chased after adventure. We’ve conquered new territories. We’ve fought for and conquered hearts, dreams, rights, wrongs, desires, appetites, lusts. We’ve fought for our own heart and we fought with is too. Now my, dear monkey, we are on a quest to find the right motivation. We are on a quest of finding equilibrium, calmness and clarity of the mind, and productive&sustainable output into the world. My monkey and I are on a mission of making our/the world a better place!

..But later. My monkey is now occupied with singing the last 1/3 of the song.

With the kind visual support of Slaveya.

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