Bored like me

GigglesAt times I get so bored by people I actually feel I’d start crying on the inside and my head would flood with tears, and my brain would then drown! And I’ll just drop dead amidst the conversation.

“Girl dies out of boredom” all newspapers’ front pages would scream.
“Such a tragedy, she was so bored – she couldn’t handle it.  They had no mercy”  people’d be whispering among each other on the streets .

You can easily picture the scene, even more so if you’ve watched Happy three friends – everybody’s happily engaged into a friendly chatter until someone’s head explodes. Only it’s just me and I am not particularly happy. I might seem friendly though. But mostly bored. On the inside.

Many would wonder – why would you cry on the inside? And I am fully prepared to answer that question. Because, mind you, crying on the outside after the age of three is considered a socially unacceptable reaction to mundane activities such as socialising. Being true to your inner calls often times leads to social isolation and painful death. Therefore,  civilized intellectuals do stuff on the inside of themselves. Those include, but do not exhaust with – shouting at people to shut up, using a fireball-shooting weapon, driving through pedestrians and counting the scores (mothers with children are rated the highest), sweep sharp objects through collocutor’s throat or corners of mouth, being rude.

Others would also wonder – is it possible to cry on the inside and flood your head with tears? The answer to that question would be – No, it is not possible to cry on the inside and flood your head with tears. Anatomy is simply not working that way. Dumb ass retard! (reaching for my shotgun)

I dare you to wonder more.

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