Bulgarians flood the Island? Seriously, Mr Editor?

How many Bulgarians does it take to screw a light bulb?

Surprisingly to some – just one. Bulgarians aren’t actually as backward as some other nations appear to think.

And how many Bulgarians does it take to flood the Island on 1st January 2014?

Apparently, millions! Or at least that is according to the concerns of the British government.

Suddenly it seems that popular press in the UK has gotten hot under the collar about the lifting of the work ban in January 2014. “Millions of Bulgarians and Romanians plan to flood UK in 2014 as employment restrictions relax” shouts out a title from the front page of a famous British tabloid. But wait a second, dear Mr Editor! Millions?! This makes no sense. Ok, Romania is around nineteen million but we Bulgarians number no more than 6 million. Unless you’re anticipating that an entire country is planning to relocate to the UK? Is that not a little paranoid?

Such alarmist statements are frankly blonde. Truth to be told –it’s unlikely that any Bulgarian who wants to migrate to the UK would wait till 2014. Those who wanted to come are probably already here. It is not the ban that prevents the rest of them to come. It is the fact that they are quite happy remaining where they are.

As  you already made it clear – the weather sucks (sunshine is rare, rain is disappointingly common), the cuisine is bad (mostly fast-foods), there is no work (other than the menial tasks the indigenous population appear to consider beneath them) and you have a weird sense of humour when it comes to international anti-immigration campaigning. Those who do manage to adapt either do the work that no one else wants to (but someone’s got to do it) or manage you – because they are that good. As for those who claim social benefits or do whatever you imagine them to be doing – the sole reason for that is because they are not allowed to do anything else. It is not due to their inborn black-ness that Bulgarians form a major part of the black market, but because of the ban itself.

And yes – it takes just one Bulgarian to screw a light bulb – a service many a British man would actually pay for. Payment which will thankfully be legal after the ban is removed in a year. However, the more important question here isn’t whether Bulgarians (and Romanians) will or will not flood the Island, but why a civilized government would allow itself to provoke international tension and how this would help preventing unwanted immigration?

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